How to brew tea for 2! 🍵🍵

Dimmy tea can be made like any other loose leaf tea. Simply use a tea pot or tea infuser, cover with water off the boil (a little below 100 is best) and steap for 3-5 minutes depending on your preference for strength. The black teas are great with or without milk as is the rooibos- try both and see what you think! 


Dimmy Tea chais can also be made on a stove for a more authentic taste. Add 2 teaspoons and 1 cup water to a pan and gently simmer. After a couple of minutes add 1/2 cup of desired milk (we like dairy or soy best for the flavour) and bring back to a gentle simmer. Take off the heat and strain into cup. Sweeten with honey or sugar to your taste. If you like a stronger tea add more and brew for longer, better still cover tea with cold water in saucepan and let sit for a few hours or even overnight first.


Dimmy chai original is also great as an iced tea! Simply add 2 tablespoons of tea to a jug (about a 2L) and pour COLD water over the top to fill jug. Let tea steep overnight or for at least an hour. The cold water ensures you avoid the bitter taste that can sometimes occur with releasing the tannins in the tea leaves. Sweeten if desired- we love adding frozen fruit such as apple, strawberries or raspberries!


Dimmy tea Original Chai gives a wonderful flavour to tea cakes, date loaf and other recipes calling for tea.