How to brew loose leaf tea

Of course all you really need is loose leaf tea, a cup to drink it out of, and hot water to brew it! But then what?!

1. Grab one of our mesh ball infusers or glass infuser bottles

This is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a delicious cup of tea! Simply add your tea leaves to the infuser, cover with water just off the boil, and let it steep for a few minutes (3-5 minutes is great, more if you like it stronger, or less if you like it weaker) Find all our accessories here

2. Use a teapot!

Pull out your good old teapot and make a pot! Teapots are great if you want to make tea for more than just one or two people! If you don't have one though don't worry! A heat proof jug like tempered glass or stainless steel also work great! Once the leaves have brewed for around 3-5 minutes, use a strainer and pour tea into cups to serve. In a teapot allow 1 teaspoon of tea per person (or per cup of water), plus an extra teaspoon for the pot. 




3. But I don't have a teapot OR an infuser!!

If you get stuck without your tea accessories (lockdown anyone?!) don't worry, there's still options!

The first is to wait for your tea leaves to settle in the jug then gently and slowly pour into a cup trying to avoid the leaves at the bottom unsettling.

The next is to make it the traditional Chinese way by simply pouring hot water (nearly boiling) directly into the cup you will drink from, then add a teaspoon or two of tea leaves into the cup. Wait until they dance a little then settle on the bottom, then drink, taking little sips to avoid the tea leaves unsettling off the bottom

4. Make your own reusable tea bags!!

How fun! You might be hanging out for a cuppa by now, but if you've still got time to spare, why not try making your own teabags! You just need some cheesecloth/muslin or very thin cotton. Cut it into a square big enough to fit 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves in the middle and allow room to be able to tie the corners up (or use some cotton ribbon or string). Voila! Your own little bag of tea. Now just pop it into your cup cover with nearly boiling water, brew for a good few minutes, then remove little bag of leaves and enjoy!